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Celebrating June With Rose Petal Jam

It’s June in the Netherlands and, here in The Hague, wild roses are everywhere if you know where to look. We’ve seen them in playgrounds, in gardens and (by the millions) in the sand dunes along the beach. For keen home cooks, these roses aren’t merely pretty to look at. They’re edible! Just make sure read more >>

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World’s Best Coconut Macaroons

Sweet. Chewy. Golden outside and soft inside. What’s not to love about coconut macaroons? These are at the top of my list of favourite cookies and not just because they taste so darn good. It’s also because they’re easy. If you need emergency “I have to go to a party tomorrow and totally forgot” cookies, read more >>

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Hot Chocolate Mix

I love homemade equivalents to store-bought items, but only if they’re easy! Oh sure, I’ve been known to experiment with all kinds of things (like making my own mozzarella cheese and worcestershire sauce). I’ll try anything once but the only recipes that get made over and over again are the ones that are straightforward and read more >>

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