India Gate Supermarket: Fresh paneer, spices and samosas!

India Gate SupermarketOh, Indian food. How I do love you! Yet, it was four years before I discovered that there was a fully-stocked Indian supermarket in The Hague.

Until that point we’d picked up Indian supplies at various shops but none of them had a full selection. We missed fresh paneer and curry leaves and homemade samosas. Then, one day an Indian woman told us about India Gate.

Also known as Toko Vosje, this is a tiny little shop next to the Haagse Markt (the open market in The Hague).

Every shelf is packed full. Don’t come here with a big kid’s stroller because you’ll never make it through the aisles. Come instead with lots of shopping bags to carry all your treasures home.

Fresh paneer cheese, spices, chappatis, Indian snacks, ghee and more; you’ll find it all here. Even better, they’re open on Sunday! Go now, and then go home and make this curry.

Where to find it: Hobbemaplein 50, 2526 JB, The Hague. If coming by public transport, trams 11 and 12 run nearby, as does bus 25.

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India Gate Supermarket

India Gate Supermarket

India Gate Supermarket

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  1. Drumles Den Haag November 11, 2016 at 2:18 pm #

    Yes!! I’ve lived in The Hague my whole life. Since I’ve been to India (2 years ago) I was looking for a place that has curry leaves! Now, two years later I finally found it. Picked it up last week, but now I regret I didn’t took some paneer with me aswel. oh wel….at least its nearby đŸ™‚

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