Pancakes on the Beach at Het Pannekoekenhuisje Scheveningen

Last week we wanted to introduce a visiting relative to a typical Dutch treat: pancakes! It was a nice evening so we headed to the beach to try out ‘t Pannekoekenhuisje.

The setting couldn’t be better on a summer’s evening: directly on the boardwalk, just behind the famous Kurhaus hotel, and with a view of the water.

Het Pannenkoekhuisje

The menu was fairly impressive too with 85 different pancakes on offer, including some ‘gourmet’ toppings such as ham with a honey-mustard sauce and, for seafood lovers, smoked salmon and prawns.


Since every pancake on the menu can be ordered in a child’s size, a few people in our group ordered two kid-sized pancakes rather than one large pancake.

We’d assumed that the child’s pancakes would be quite small but in fact they are only fractionally smaller than the adult pancakes (and cost €1 less). Unless you’re starving, we’d recommend ordering a single small pancake for your main course and saving a bit of extra room for desert.


It took a while for the pancakes to come (our server told us there would be a 35-45 minute waiting time when we sat down) and this was surprising as the restaurant was only half full. On a busy day, you could be waiting quite a while for your food so this is not a place to come with starving kids who have to eat NOW.

Thankfully, the view is great and if you don’t mind waiting, you can always take a walk on the beach to pass the time or admire the clouds. The sunsets are beautiful.


The food itself ranged from mediocre to fantastic.

My pancake was the Florence, with salami, tomatoes, anchovies, olives and cheese. It was very salty (even for a salt-lover like me) and I wouldn’t order it again. However, the ‘Miss Piggy’ or ‘Knorretje’ with ham and honey-mustard sauce and the seafood pancake (ordered by others in our group) were apparently delicious.


I certainly couldn’t fault the poffertjes (mini pancakes) served with fresh fruit for desert. Yum!


All in all, I’d give Het Pannenkoekenhuisje 6/10. I’d come back for the location and the view, and the pancakes can be quite good but mine was far too salty. The poffertjes are light and fluffy and highly recommended. The service could have been faster, although we appreciated the fact that the waitress warned us beforehand about the waiting time.

Where to find it: Strandweg 17-17a, 2586JK, Den Haag.

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