Tromp Cheese Shop In Haarlem: Friendly & Knowledgeable

When we first arrived in the Netherlands, one of our first day trips was to Haarlem and one of the first shops we stumbled across was Tromp Cheese Shop.

Tromp Cheese Shop, Haarlem

It’s actually a chain of cheese shops and this branch is located on one of the main shopping streets as you walk from Haarlem’s train station to the city centre. In other words: you can’t miss it.

The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, especially about taking cheese back to North America. They advised us on which cheeses would travel best and which ones would be okay going through Canadian or American customs. Check out the ‘wooden shoes’ made from cheese in the photo below – they make a great gift for family back home!

Where to find it: Barteljorisstraat 11, 2011ZN, Haarlem.

More photos:

Tromp Cheese Shop, Haarlem

Tromp Cheese Shop, Haarlem

Tromp Cheese Shop, Haarlem


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