Where To Camp In The Netherlands

For a country as small and as densely populated as the Netherlands, there are a surprising number of great places to camp.

Our favourite campgrounds are small and set in forest clearings or alongside rivers. When we’re tenting, we always look for a separate field (away from camper vans). Sometimes we also rent a yurt or cabin for the night.

A nearly empty campground in the Netherlands

Small-scale campgrounds often have roomy, tranquil fields for your tent.

Here are some of the best sources we’ve found for beautiful camping in the Netherlands.

Nature Campsites – Known as “natuurkampeerterreinen” in Dutch, these are campsites that do an excellent job of pairing facilities (hot showers, playgrounds for kids) with a natural setting. They are especially great for cyclists because anyone who arrives by bike before 7:30pm is guaranteed a place to camp. Nature Campgrounds put a high priority on peace and quiet, which means you shouldn’t be disturbed by late-night parties or discos. You must be a member to use these campgrounds (€14.95 a year), and the membership can be bought in advance or at any campground. Learn more: http://www.natuurkampeerterreinen.nl

TIP: Similar to the nature campsites are “kamperen bij de boer” (camping on the farm) and “mini campings”. They’re not governed by a specific organisation but still tend to be charming and peaceful.

Campfire at a 'natuurcamping' site

Enjoying a campfire at a nature camping site.

Forestry Commission Campgrounds – The ‘Staatsbosbeheer’ has 64 campgrounds across the Netherlands. Some are primitive campgrounds where you can camp for free (there’s only room for 3 tents, so it’s a case of first come, first served). Others are part of the Natural Campsites network. They also rent historic houses and rustic cabins: beautiful but fairly expensive. Learn more: http://www.staatsbosbeheer.nl

Free camping in the Netherlands, courtesy of the Staatsbosbeheer.

Free camping in the Netherlands, courtesy of the Staatsbosbeheer.

NTKC – This charitable group was established over 100 years ago by some of the first camping enthusiasts. Those original founders left a legacy for the campers of today, in the form of 21 unique campgrounds across the Netherlands. The one closest to our home, for example, has freshwater swimming and a fire pit. Reservations are never necessary, although you do need to be a member (cost: about €40 a year). A free trial is possible. Learn more: http://www.kampeerclub.nl

Nivon – This organisation has a bit of everything, from ‘green’ campgrounds to ‘nature houses’. For solo travellers, a bed in one of these youth-hostel style houses will be much cheaper than a hotel. The cost savings isn’t as great for families and bigger groups but you do get the use of a kitchen to cook your own food. Some houses are also suitable for wheelchairs. Learn more: http://www.nivon.nl

Floating Campgrounds – Yes, you read that correctly. Camping Rafts are wooden huts, moored on canals. There are only a handful of them and the nightly price isn’t cheap but they do come equipped with nearly everything you need, including the canoe to get to the hut! Learn more: http://www.camping-raft.com

Trekkers Huts – For a roof over your head at a reasonable price, try a Trekkers Hut or “Trekkers Hutten” in Dutch. There are over 250 in the Netherlands and Belgium. At a minimum they provide a bed, pillow, heating, a place to sit, light and power. The “plus” and “comfort” huts have extra facilities such as kitchens, toilets and separate bedrooms. The cost ranges from €40-60 per hut, with room for at least 4 people. Learn more: http://www.trekkershutten.nl

Eurocampings – Perhaps the most comprehensive guide to campgrounds across the Netherlands and Europe. Many of the listed sites are larger ‘holiday parks’ but it’s still a good place to look if the other sources haven’t turned up what you’re looking for. Learn more: http://www.eurocampings.co.uk

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  1. Pawel June 5, 2017 at 6:08 am #

    Thanks for the great info! We truly miss Canadian camping, with nice secluded campsites in the forest like in a NP. This will definitely help us find some great spots.
    Pawel and Agnès in the Alps

  2. Stuart Adlington November 24, 2017 at 7:08 pm #

    Many thanks for the wonderful information, please could you help me out? I’m arriving into the port of Amsterdam from the UK in early Dec and cycling to Prague, hopefully arriving in time for Christmas.. I’ve looked at many websites regarding camping in the Netherlands, my plan is to try and get to Amersdoorn on the first leg of my journey.
    Please could you reccomend any suitable sites for pitching my one man tent in this area
    Any help you could offer is much appreciated
    Many thanks Stuart

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